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In addition to having the opportunity to
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About Us

Institute of Medicine 2 or University of Medicine 2 was founded in July 1963. Golden Jubilee was successfully celebrated in 2013 and based on the facts arose from the Golden Jubilee, University of Medicine 2 alumni Association was established in August 2016, with the help and support of current Administrative Body of the University of Medicine 2. In December 2016, the UM 2 AA was approved as an official organization by the Ministry of Home and Affairs, Myanmar. Our Association is nonprofitable and nongovernmental organization.


  1. To serve as a link between the University of Medicine 2 and its graduates and to set as a role model in maintaing University’s good reputation.
  2. To help alumni stay in touch with each other and with University of Medicine 2 while providing opportunities for social interaction, networking and volunteer services.
  3. To provide help and support to the UNiversity of Medicine 2, so as to keep abreast internationally.
  4. To support elderly teachers financially and socially.
  5. To have more intimacy with the medical students currently studying at UM 2, while providing necessary support.